Things to Do

Townsville is the epicenter of North Queensland with myriads of amazing things to see and do.

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Take a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Feel like diving or snorkelling in one of the seven natural wonders of the world? Take a trip to the Reef from Townsville. Trips are less crowded and cheaper than anywhere else on the coast and you will have the fish to yourself! If you are an experienced sailor, charter a vessel and self-sail through the many coastal islands.

Experience the famous Yongala Wreck

The famous "Yongala Wreck" dive isone of the world's top wreck dives.The SS Yongala, a 109 metre long steamship, sank in 1911 in a cyclone, with the loss of all lives on board. She stayed undiscovered for more than half a century but is now home to a captivating array of hard and soft coral and spectacular marine life including sea turtles, anemones, sea snakes, moray eels, giant rays and manta rays, gropers, and thousand of inquisitive reef fish! This historic wreck will leave you with memories that last a life time.
No diving experience? No worries, the Adrenaline Diving School is right next door to us!


Experience the FREE attractions

  • The Newly removated Strand and beautiful Beach with plenty of swimming areas
  • Castle hill hiking trail walk for a scenic view the City and Island
  • Kissing point at Jezzine Baracks
  • Queens Gardens and Palmentum Gardens
  • Jezzine Barracks 
  • Fishing off the Pier - we will lend you a fishing Rod
  • Pallaranda National Park Hiking Trail 
  • Victoria Bridge
  • Strand Night Markets
  • Rotary Markets (Every Sunday)

Get a taste of island life on Magnetic Island

Beautiful Magnetic Island is just a 20-minute ferry ride from the city. A real untouched paradise, Magnetic Island is the idyllic spot to unwind on unspoiled beaches and secluded coves. Put you shoes on and discover the 25 kms of walking trails from which you may be able to spot a koala or a rock wallaby in their natural habitat. Seafarers can circumnavigate the island by jet ski, or join a guided sea kayak tour or crew a sailing yacht. Investigate the World War II gun emplacements at The Forts or take a horse ride on Horseshoe Bay.

Have an eco-adventure on Hinchinbrook Island

Hinchinbrook Island is a marvel for those who like wilderness and a serious adventurous streak. The entire island is a national park with lots of animal life on land and in the channels around it including wallabies, crocodiles, dugongs, green see turtles, and 22 species of butterflies. Hike the famous Thorsborne Trail (32 km) or walk one of the circuits at Macushla.

Cool off in the refreshing waterfalls of Paluma Range

Paluma Range National Park is your chance to experience the rainforest and its inhabitants. At 1000m above sea level, Paluma is a cool mountain retreat with cosy cafes, bird watching and a large network of rainforest walks. Take a refreshing swim in the clear waters of Little or Big Crystal Creek, enjoy a waterfall shower, and watch the Victoria's rifle bird dance for its mate.